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Our Pupil Premium Statement

Use and impact of Pupil Premium funding for the 2019-20 academic year

To be read in conjunction with the Quality First Education Trust approach to using the Pupil Premium

Pupils eligible for the Pupil Premium funding

Number of pupils on roll in our school in 2019-20


Number of pupils eligible for the Pupil Premium in 2019-20


Percentage of pupils eligible for the Pupil Premium in 2019-20


Funding received

The amount of Pupil Premium funding the school is expecting to receive for 2019-20


Specific barriers/issues at our school

A significant proportion of pupils eligible for pupil premium also have significant SEND issues. The school has a resource base for children with severe and complex additional needs and pupils eligible for pupil premium are over represented in those classes.
Pupils eligible for pupil premium also tend to have a poorer attendance record than others.
There is a much higher proportion of pupils eligible for pupil premium in Key Stage 2 than in lower years.

Full breakdown of how the funding was spent

Quality First Education

for all pupils

Maths mastery: we invested in resources and support to introduce mastery learning techniques in maths – proven to help ensure no child left behind


e.g. Quality of teaching in year 5 and 6: we invested in additional support for teachers in Year 5 and 6 which had a larger proportion of children eligible for PP last year.


Whatever It Takes - for those who need additional support

Family worker: We funded a member of staff to work with vulnerable families.


Counsellor: We funded a part time counsellor to work with vulnerable children.


Extra-curricular provision: We funded school trips, clubs & music lessons for children eligible for the pupil premium


Speech and language: We funded SALT support for children eligible for pupil premium, where appropriate


Small group and one to one interventions: We funded additional staff to support lower attaining learners or those who were falling behind, particularly in the Early Years and Key Stage 1


Social skills groups: We funded staff to run groups to support children with particular social and emotional support needs


The impact of the funding and our approach

Results at the end of KS2 in the 2018/19 academic year were strong for pupils eligible for pupil premium . At the end of Key Stage 2, 81% of pupils eligible for pupil premium achieved the expected standard in reading, writing and maths. This represented 13 out of 16 pupils. Pupils eligible for the pupil premium outperformed their peers nationally and locally (both in school and in the LA) on this measure. 19% of pupils eligible for the pupil premium achieved the combined higher standard measure for reading writing and maths.  Again this compares favourably with the national figure for non pupil premium children which was 13%.  We were particularly pleased with the outcomes for pupil premium children in reading, where they significantly outperformed their peer both locally and nationally, achieving a 94% success rate. Year 6 pupils eligible for pupil premium also performed well in other aspects of the KS2 Sats  

Whilst we were very pleased with the success of these outcomes for last years cohort, they represented a specific cohort and were in some ways atypical of pupil premium children across the school.  In general pupil premium children tend to represent a much smaller percentage of the cohort in most year groups and pupils with SEN are over represented in this group. In the Y1 phonics screening check last year there were only 4 pupils who were eligible for pupil premium so each child represented 25% of the cohort when looking at pupils eligible for pupil premium. 


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