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Whilst the school is closed, our children have been working hard at to keep up with their learning.  On this page, we are delighted to share some of the wonderful things the children are producing at home.


Some more great work from Zayne in Reception!


A great poem from Sam in Year 4


Fabulous writing from Zayne in Reception!







Hannah in Year 1 has been busy writing a book review:

Sophie (Y3) has been very diligent in keeping her Reading Record up to date!

A great poem from Euan and a tribute to all the firefighters who help to keep us safe:

Fire Brigade

These are the hands,
That save our life,
Carry you to safety,
They're not afraid of a knife.
These are the hands,
That drive trucks,
Climb ladders,
They don't mind if they're covered in muck.
These are the hands,
Tackle fire,
They're for hire,
They don't tire.
These are the hands,
That jump down a fire pole,
Into a hole,
Risking their soul.

Two great poems from Year 6. Well done Taliyah


Read Hannah's fantastic Punctuation Poem! (Year 6)

The Question Mark ponders and wanders around,
muttering a barely audible sound
Exclamation Mark rushes everywhere,
yelling loudly here and there
Comma's full of endless ideas,
she never talks but always hears
Ellipses tells her tall, tall tales,
where villains try but always fail.
Full Stop is the stubborn one,
that is that and this poem's done.

Incredible poetry from Year 6. This is Theo's:

And this is Estelle's:


By Estelle Timmons


These are the hands

That show you how to write

Tell you off when you’ve been bad

Provide you with meals

And cheer you up when you feel sad


These are the hands

That help you with your stress

How to sing

How to act

The ways of art

And language to

That put a smile on your face

Teach you history

And help you win the sprinting race


These are the hands

That show you sportsmanship

Help teach you confidence

And self esteem

And what happens when you grow up

Show you science

Teach you discipline

Tell you to experiment

And show you how to swim


These are the hands

That take you away from home

Camping out on your school journey

Venture the outdoors

Help you move on

Help you keep calm when sitting a test

Prepare you for your future

And help you achieve your very best.


Some fantastic writing from Alex in Year 1

This is Oscar (Year 1) teaching little sister Rose about digraphs!

 Zayne from Reception with some amazing writing!


Emperor Penguin - a poem by Dylan in Y6
 This isn’t a creature flying in the sky
Nor a bird tweeting in branches up high
It doesn’t peck on breadcrumbs you drop as you go by
So it certainly isn’t a tweeting bird that flies
It is the Emperor Penguin

They  glamorously swim as they seek
For unlucky marine life to catch in their beak
who think “ Get off you giant  freak!”
It is just not obvious to the bird geeks
It is the Emperor penguin

Surviving in these cold temperatures,
It deserves the title of the Emperor
Going on twenty minute underwater ventures
The penguin needs more mentions
It is the Emperor penguin.

Read Oscar's cold, cold story! (Y1)

Magnus in Year 1 in his English 'lesson':

 Arthur's version of Little Red Riding Hood (Y1):

 Mollie's 'Missing' poster:

These are Selin's instructions for how to play Bottle Cap Football (Y3):


With a bit of help, Emilia in Year 5 turned their garden patio into a grid to practice translations

In Year 3, Freya and Megan have been working hard on the concept of 'time' - tricky!


Alfie (Reception) has been very busy at home with both writing his diary and number work:

Luka (Y1) learning about money:

Impressive concentration from Zayne in Reception

Alex in Year 1 has been learning about money


Some wonderful art work from Amelie and Sienna in Year 3:


Lois created her own rain gauge and has been collecting rain and measuring it as part of a the Year 3 Geography topic Weather. 

PE at home with Josh and Louis!

Jasper has been creating some amazing sea monsters at home!


A wonderful drawing from India (Year 4)of Mr Spink from the class text 'Street Child' by Berlie Doherty

Enzo's holiday in France was postponed so instead he did some research all about the country!


Amazing pottery work from Indigo in Reception:


Great science work from Sam in Year 2


Impressive pizza making from Parisha (Y5) and her brother Ziki (Nursery)!

Some fun art work with an important message from Chile in Year 6!

Working hard at home learning on the Computer - Hannah in Year 1

Join the Easter Bonnet Parade with Rose and Nuno in Reception!



Edward in Year 1 has been making very good use of his microscope to make a scientific examination of all manner of things!

Kobe in Year 1 learning about local history at the cemetery:

Learn about pandas with Annie's fact sheet (Y5):

Finley (Reception) doing some great Home Learning in the sunshine with sister, Willow.


Harry (Y5) and Ben's (Y2) geography lesson!

Eric's amazing bird feeder (Y1)                                             and Esme's brilliant house!


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