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Extra Curricular Provision

 'We aim high by letting our interests and talents grow'

All school run enrichment clubs are available on Sims Agora  Purchase forms include consent. 

Children will be approached at the beginning of an academic year/term to sign themselves up for the lunchtime clubs. These clubs should not be considered  interventions. 

For clubs run by external providers, application and payment forms are issued directly by these organisations and should be made directly to them (see their contact details below). 

You will receive payment forms for all the clubs that you can apply for. There are a limited number of places in each club and once all the places are taken you will no longer be able to enrol (sold out will appear next to the clubs name). Please refer to the clubs timetable and payment form for details. Any changes to the running of the clubs will be communicated to you by an email or a text message. 

Child care vouchers can not be accepted as a form of payment for enrichment clubs.

To apply for peripatetic music lessons fill in the BYMT application form and email it to the teacher (see their contact details below). Places with BYMT teachers are limited and subject to availability. To find out about Bromley Youth Music Trust visit their website 

For all enrichment clubs related matters email

Enrichment Club Timetable Spring 1 2019/20

BYMT Peripatetic Music Lessons Application Form 2019/20

BYMT Beckenham Junior Band application form 

BYMT Beckenham Junior Choir application form 

Enrichment clubs external providers contact details

 Nutritional Ninjas

M: 01276428148

Inkhead - Creative Writing

M: 07943514408 

Prostars - Football

T: 02084646453   M: 07957949198 

J'amies Gymnastics Academy - Gymnastics

T: 02084641477

 Free Style Dance Company (Kent) - Dance  

BYMT peripatetic music teachers contact details

Piano - Sally Clarke

Flute - Vicky Reed

Violin - Robert Higgs

Guitar - Danny Bristow 

Trumpet - Richard Deacon 

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