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Physical EDucation

My name is Mr Sweeney and I am the PE teacher at Churchfields Primary School.

My name is Mr Sweeney and I am the PE teacher at Churchfields Primary School.

Children from Year 1 through to Year 6 have two lessons every week, exploring a range of different skills and activities.


There are lots of opportunities to participate in after school sports clubs which take place every day.

We are learning 

Reception: Multi Skills

Reception pupils practise basic movement skills and develop special awareness. We focus on following instructions, replicating simple exercises and moving safely around a space.

Year 1: Multi Skills

Year 1 pupils work on basic movements and body awareness. They work on finding space independently and replicating simple exercises. Pupils are given opportunities to use different equipment including bean bags, hoops and balls.

Year 2: Ball Skills

Year 2 pupils continue to work on special awareness and accurate replication of simple movements, such as squats and lunges. Using a range of balls pupils develop their understanding, eye-hand coordination and dexterity. 

Year 3: Games -Basketball and Netball Skills

Pupils learn to throw, catch, attack and defend within practise situations and mini games. 

Through basketball and netball pupils develop their shooting, dribbling, and passing and receiving skills.

Year 4: Games - Netball & Basketball

Pupils develop and refine skills for passing, receiving, shooting and dribbling. Pupils play fun games with modified rules. Year 3 pupils begin to apply skills to game situations of 1 v 1and 2 v 2.

Year 5: Cross Country and Basketball

Year 5 experience endurance running. They progress from 4 minutes of continuous running to 7 minutes or more. Pupils have experience of adapting their speed according to different distances and conditions.

In basketball Year 5 play small sided games and learn to apply their knowledge and skills in 2 v 2 and 3 v 3 games. Pupils are supported to develop skills of officiating.

Year 6: Cross Country and Basketball

Year 6 continue to build their aerobic base, running continuously for 7 minutes or more. Pupils have opportunities to practice and apply techniques and strategies for the start and finish of a run.

In basketball Year 6 play small sided games and learn to apply their knowledge and skills in 3 v 3 and 5 v 5 games.

P.E Curriculum 


Other Events

Sporting events and matches take place throughout the year and we have both intra and inter school competitions in athletics, cross country, football and athletics.


Please make sure your child knows when they have P.E and ensure their kit is in school on those days. Children require trainers, navy shorts, a coloured t-shirt (depending on which house they are in) and a tracksuit for the colder months as most lessons will be outside.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at if you have any concerns or queries.

Thank you for your support.

Mr Sweeney.

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