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Learning in the EYFS is defined into seven areas, three prime areas and four specific areas. 



Personal, Social and Emotional Development – At Churchfields we encourage the children to form positive relationships with their peers and adults in the school and respect each other. We aim for all children to become self-confident learners who are willing to have a go without fear of failure. We work with the children so they learn how to best manage their feelings and become independent learners who demonstrate fantastic learning behaviours.

Communication and Language - At Churchfields we encourage the children to develop excellent listening and concentration skills. We have high expectations of/for children’s speech including modelling correct speech so the children learn to converse in clear structured sentences. This empowers them to be able to clearly articulate their feelings and ideas.

Physical Development – At Churchfields we use a range of strategies and activities to develop children’s gross and fine motor skills so they can move around safely and can correctly use equipment such as paint brushes, scissors, pens and pencils. Helping children develop their fine motor skills will enable them to correctly form letters and numbers. We aim for children to be able to manage their own health and self-care by discussing and modelling healthy lifestyles and behaviours. 


Literacy - At Churchfields we strive to install a love of reading and writing in children. We share books every day and use high quality children’s texts to engage and inspire the children. We use the letters and sounds phonics approach to teach children how to read and write. To support and structure children’s writing we use ‘Talk for Writing’ so children learn key stories orally before having a go at writing.

Mathematics - At Churchfields we aim to develop children’s mathematical thinking. We use a range of strategies to develop children’s number recognition, counting and calculation skills as well as having an understanding of shape, space and measure. We sing songs; use a range of manipulatives and problem solving activities so children’s understanding of new concepts is secure.

Understanding the World - At Churchfields we find out and learn about different communities and cultures. We learn about the world around us through exploration, investigation and problem solving. We have a dedicated computing teacher who creates fantastic bespoke lessons for the reception children which inspire and motivate them. In class children have access to a range of technology including, metal detectors, remote control cars, interactive whiteboards and Ipads.

Expressive Arts and Design - At Churchfields children always have the opportunity to learn through role-play and imaginative play. Our outside area allows children to build big and be creative. We use the Charanga music scheme to support children learn news songs and start to learn musical terms and explore different instruments. We have a dedicated art teacher who creates amazing pieces of art with the children and inspires them to be creative and try out new ideas.

 Working with Parents

At Churchfields we understand that you are the most important educators in your child’s life. We recognise the importance of working alongside parents, sharing information about your child, setting next steps together and providing support, ideas and guidance about how you can support their development at home.

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