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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school!

School Staff
Senior Leaders
Name                              Responsibilities
Tom Hyndley                     Headteacher
                                       Child protection
                                       Evaluation and Improvement
                                       Continuing professional development. (cpd)

Erica Burnage                    Deputy Headteacher, Assessment Coordinator
Sally Crowley                     ARU Leader, ARU 1 Class teacher
Peter Fraser                      Maths leader, Y6 teacher (Part time 4 days), Y5/6 Phase leader
Andrew Harper                  KS1 phase leader
Year 1 Class teacher
English leader
Fiona Byrne                          EYFS phase leader
Science Subject Leader
Reception Class Teacher
Holly Taylor                           Y3/4 phase leader
                                                Y4 teacher
Kate Cope                            Part time Y4 Teacher, Y3/4 phase leader
Liz Quayle                             Senco (Part time 3 days)
Jean Baker                            HLTA, Assistant SENCO, Family worker, attendance monitor.
Michelle Steen-Ploemer               Nursery Class teacher
Ed Sturley                                Reception class teacher
Mandy Holland                           Year 1 Class teacher
Art Subject Leader
Trishna Patel                             Year 2 Class Teacher
History Subject Leader
Leanne Fleming                          Year 2 Class Teacher
Sarah Bennett                           Year 3 Class teacher
Hannah Lyttle                            Y3 Class Teacher
Alicia Caprice-Jones                    Year 4 Class teacher
                                                ICT Subject Leader
Rebecca Lock                             Year 5 Class Teacher
Geography Subject Leader
Laura Shaw                               Y6 job share/Part time SEN Support Teacher
Helen James                              KS2 ARU class teacher
RE Subject Leader
Robin Hanney                            Full-time specialist PE teacher
Emma Alcaraz-Laws                   Part time Modern Foreign Languages Teacher 
Emma Seal                               Part-time teacher (Pupil Premium)
Victoria Hicks                            Maternity cover part time Music Teacher
Teaching Assistants
Kim Miller                               HLTA provision of PPA and ARMs classes EAL

Aleksandra Dyrka                   HLTA KS1 and EYFS
Clare Luker                         
Maddy Billings                                                           
Lyndsey Clements              
Helen Jackson                    
Tracy Wynter                       
Lexie Hawkins                      
Simone Blundell*                
Sandra Coyne                    
Donna Mustafa                            
Jackie Simmons         *                 
Caroline Stevenson*          
Catherine Walters              
Sue Fullick                             
Debi Baldwin
Vinodhini Madhavan         *        TA with Y2 named child
Maggie Pinniger                         TA with Y5 named child
Charlotte Fullick                         TA with Rec named child      
Karen Willis                              KS1 & FS ARU – First Aid
Nicola Tarrant                           KS1 & FS ARU
Jayne Snell*                             KS2 & FS ARU
Karen Willis                              KS1 & FS ARU – First Aid
Bibi Husain                               KS2 ARU
Maureen Johnson*             Breakfast club/ Reception support             
Diana Hurd        *                     KS2 ARU   

  • denotes part time
Administrative staff
Emma McLaughlin – School business Manager
Catherine Bligh    – clerical assistant (part time)
Manika Ashton     – clerical assistant (part time)


Mr Steve Day                        Site Superintendent

Mid-day Meals Supervisors

Chris Somerville    Jackie Hall  Bibi Husain  Karen Willis            
Maureen Johnson   Veron Barclay   David Dorey
Linda Osborne  Amalia Partridge  Lorraine Strong 
Diana Hurd  Jayne Snell   Annette Lawrence   
Catherine Warman   Lynne Walters   

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