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Welcome to the Governors Section

School governance is about ensuring high standards of achievement and wellbeing for all children in the school. The governing body:

  • Is responsible for the school’s strategic aims and objectives
  • Acts as a ‘critical friend’ to the headteacher, providing challenge and support as s/he works to achieve those aims and objectives
  • Ensures accountability

The Governor’s role is strategic rather than operational; the headteacher is responsible for the internal organisation, management and control of the school and the implementation of the strategic framework established by the governing body.

Churchfields Governing Body meets four times a year as a whole governing body and also in smaller sub committees at least once a term. Our sub committees are:

  • Resources – responsible for financial matters
  • Standards – monitors all aspects of progress and achievement
  • Community – ensures the safety and well being of pupils

If you wish to contact the governing body you can do so via Irene Morley, Clerk to Governors via the school office.

Name Category of Governor Appointing Body Date of Appointment Responsibilities, Committees / Notes
Tom Hyndley Head Teacher n/a Sept 2007  
Erica Norledge Associate member Governing Body 25 Mar 2015 No voting rights
David Thompson Co-opted governor Governing Body 25 Mar 2015

Chair of Governors

Pupil Premium link governor
Standards sub ctte

Jon Southby   Parent Governor Parents at the school 23 Jan 2013 Chair of Resources sub ctte
Standards sub ctte
Jacki Keogh Parent Governor Parents at the school 5 Jun 2014 Chair of Standards sub ctte
Safeguarding link governor
Hulya Mustafa Co-opted Governor Governing Body  Oct 2017

Chair of Standards sub ctt

Bridget Hogan LA Governor Governing Body
(LA nominated)
11 Sep 2015 Vice Chair of Resources sub ctte
Community sub ctte
Lucy Rosser Co-opted governor Governing Body 25 Mar 2015 PSHEC link governor
Vice Chair Community sub ctte
Maureen Johnson Co-opted governor Governing Body 25 Mar 2015 Chair of Community sub ctte
Resources sub ctte
Mary Stirling Co-opted governor Governing Body 15 Sept 2015 Resources sub ctte
Karen Parkinson Co-opted governor Governing Body 21 March 2016 SEND link governor
Irene Morley Clerk to the governors Governing Body Sep 2017


All governors are appointed for a 4 year term

 Register of Interests

Governor Relevant Business Interests and Pecuniary Interests Governance roles in other educational institutions Relationships with other governors or school staff
Tom Hyndley None None None
Erica Norledge Deputy Headteacher at Churchfields None None
Jon Southby   Child at school. None None
Jacki Keogh

Children at school.
Teacher at Cardwell Primary School which has a best practice relationship with Churchfields

None None
Hulya Mustafa Child at school. None None
Bridget Hogan None None None
Lucy Rosser None None None
Maureen Johnson Works at Churchdfields as a lead midday supervisor. None None
David Thompson None None None
Mary Stirling None None None
Karen Parkinson None None None
Irene Morley None None None

Record of attendance  

Governors' Biographies

Here you will find a statement from all governors explaining who they are, why they are governors and what they would like to achieve

Governors Biographies




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