Churchfields Primary School

Our School is now part of the Quality First Education Trust

The Quality First Education Trust is a multi-academy trust (MAT) that was established by Belleville Primary School. Churchfields has worked with Belleville for some time, and this successful partnership was even referenced in our most recent Ofsted report. Following consultation with parents, carers and staff, the school converted to academy status and joined the trust on 1st November 2017.


The name of the trust reflects a strong belief in high quality teaching. We think there will be many advantages to working as a group (such as sharing ideas, resources and expertise) and that we will be able to have a positive impact on the lives of the children we serve.


We do not intend to change the operation of Churchfields as a result of converting to an academy. The children should not notice any change in their day to day provision. There will be no change to our school name or uniform. However, our governance arrangements are now different. Instead of a governing body for Churchfields, there is a board of trustees for the MAT as a whole. The Board then delegates responsibilities to a local governing body for each of the schools in the trust.


More information about the trust and the other schools within it can be found at

If you would like any further details, please feel free to contact Charlotte Meade at the Quality First Education Trust at, or Tom Hyndley at within Churchfields Primary School.

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