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Welcome to the Computing

My name is Miss Williams and I have the fantastic role of teaching computing to the children of Churchfields Primary School.

What we are learning this term



Technology, Computing and Us!

Introduction to technology and computing.

What is technology and how do we use it in our lives?

Learning how to use the computers in the computing room.


Year 1

We are digital painters

Learning painting skills in Microsoft Paint, using different colours and brushes, creating shapes, filing areas, undoing and redoing and adding text.


Year 2

Amazing Artists

Using a range of software to recreate paintings by famous artists, from Seurat’s Pointillism to Picasso’s Cubism.


Year 3

We are Games Testers

Exploring how Scratch Games work. Changing the code to make the games more exciting. Thinking about which games we enjoy playing and what makes them so addictive.


Year 4

PowerPoints, Presentations and Ancient Egypt

Choosing an aspect of Ancient Egypt to research, creating a PowerPoint about our research and presenting it to the class.


Year 5

Scratch Maths for Y5

Using Scratch to hone mathematical concepts.

Tiling patterns – repeating patterns; beetle geometry – exploring different geometrical rules.


Year 6

Inspirational People

In small groups, researching people who inspire us and creating PowerPoint presentations about those people.

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