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Welcome to the Computing

My name is Ms Williams and I have the fantastic role of teaching computing to the children of Churchfields Primary School.

What we are learning this term

Year Group

Spring 1 Computing


We are Modern Artists


Using 2Paint a Picture, MS Paint and the iPads to create brightly coloured art.

Year 1

Wonderful Word Processing


Typing and formatting in MS Word.  Creating a range of Word documents linked to Traction Man.


Year 2

Research and Present


Learning how to research and use the Internet safely and create a PowerPoint presentation on The Great Fire of London.


Year 3

Publish a Poster


Learning the different tools of Microsoft Publisher to create a poster and brochure about India.


Year 4

Awesome Animators


Learning about the history of animation and creating their own flip books, using ‘stick pivot’ on computers and ‘Animation desk’ app.


Year 5

We are Cryptographers

The pupils learn about communicating

information securely via cryptography (the science of keeping communication and information secret).


Using book creator to document how networks work.

 Year 6

Designing and coding a game in Scratch

Using knowledge gained over the previous 4 years of Scratch coding, we will be designing and creating our own game in Scratch.


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