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Welcome to our Art Room page!

Welcome to another year of fantastic art at Churchfields! My name is Mrs Holland and I am fortunate enough to be the full time art teacher here at the school.

What we are learning

We have some exciting projects planned for this term. The nursery pupils will be working on small creative projects designed to give them experiences working with a wide range of familiar and unfamiliar materials.   Our new reception pupils will be learning about colour and colour mixing and our Year 1’s will be building on the colour theory they learnt last year. As well as revisiting artists that we have studied before some classes will be looking at artists new to Churchfields. For our Year 2 pupils that will be Mexican Frida Kahlo, an artist selected by some of the pupils themselves! Our Year 3 pupils will be taking part in a very exciting project together with the Tate Britain – more on that to follow. Year 4 are looking at artworks in black and white and creating their own greyscale. 3D work and optical illusions are the topic for Year 5 and Year 6 will be using a very limited palette of colour with the challenge of using them to create a wide range of tints and shades.

Our after school art club this term will be designing and creating their own clothing…watch this space!


We plan to arrange art based trips for every class this year and information for these will be following as they are booked in.


As always last year we were all incredibly impressed by the range of amazing artwork that the pupils produced and the confidence and creativity that they brought to their work. We would need a whole new website to be able to show pictures of all of their brilliant work so I have selected just one item that was created by two of our last Year 6 pupils, Kyra and Ava, …Barbara the Dancing Bear.


Barbara was made from a length of wire, foam peanuts, wadding, fabric, fur fabric, silk clay and black buttons. She was mounted onto a small box with a simple mechanism that allows her to spin around to a piece of ballet music taped on a recorder set into the base of the box.


This was an excellent example of imagination, creativity, determination, problem solving and hard work and we were all quite blown away with their finished piece!


Barbara now lives in the art room and would be happy to see visitors so if you are in the school and would like to meet her please let me know.

Mrs Holland


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