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Welcome to Maple class! Mrs Golding and I hope you have had a lovely summer and have managed to have a rest! We are looking forward to starting Year 2!

 We are learning

This half-term, we are learning many exciting topics. We will be reading ‘The Little Gardener’ in our English lessons.

 In Maths, we are exploring numbers to 100. We will be using our knowledge of place value to compare two numbers and to add and subtract.

 Living things and their Habitats will be the Science topic for this half term.   We will be exploring the environment around our school and researching further afield to investigate the habitats of different animals.

 In Art, the pupils will be exploring the use of colour through the work of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. They will be studying some of her artworks and using them to inspire their own.

 Our focus in Computing is learning how to research and use the internet safely to create a PowerPoint presentation linked to different habitats and landscapes.


Homework will be given out at the start of each half term and will be collected every Thursday. Homework books will then be returned on the Friday. As this is given out half termly, feel free to complete the homework a week or two ahead, if this is easier! We will then mark it the week that piece is due.


PE  This year our PE days will be Tuesday and Friday. Please remember to bring in a full PE with name labels for every lesson. This should include a t-shirt which matches the colour of your child’s house and clean socks. A full list of kit can be found on the school website. It may be easier to bring in a PE kit and leave it in school for the week or half term (just replacing socks and t-shirts when appropriate).

Changing reading books: The children’s books are changed every Wednesday afternoon. They need to put their reading book and reading record in the box by the door if they would like to have it changed. Unfortunately if they forget to put their book in the box we may not always be able to change it as we have a very busy timetable. We encourage our children to read a book more than once.

Forest School: We will have Forest School for a half term later in the year.   Advance notice will be given as to when the children have to bring in their clothes and boots!


Here are our top tips for Year 2:

1.    Encourage your child to read at least 15 minutes every day. Find small ways to reward your child for reading consistently and willingly.

2.    Ask your child to read to you and allow opportunity for discussion. Ask them questions about what they have understood and check their knowledge of tricky words. This is important for any reading ability. Even if you feel your child is a confident reader discussion of texts is still vital.

3.    Read a story to your child so they can hear you reading and encourage them to listen carefully.

4.    To help improve their speed and stamina ask them to read aloud to you. See how much they can read in 5 minutes. Encourage clear reading, not missing out words and a steady pace. See if by the end of the holiday they are reading more fluently and can sustain it for longer!

5.    Encourage your child to read a range of texts. Reading a variety of genres exposes them to different styles of writing and allows their language to develop.

6.    Use your local library. Make sure your child is a member of the library and sign them up as soon as you can. If your child completes the scheme let us know at the beginning of next term.

7.    Reading a newspaper, magazine or non-fiction book is a great way to encourage a love for reading.

8.    Encourage children to read silently in their heads. They need to practise independent reading. Check that they are not missing out pages or skimming too quickly.

9.    Encourage your child to scan (search quickly) a section of text for a particular word or phrase. Skimming and scanning are vital skills for the new curriculum.

10.  Encourage to make predictions about what will happen next. We have been explaining this as ‘what do you think will happen next?’


If you are after any extra work at home. These are some of the key skills we will be building in Year 2.

  1. Ruler skills: let your child practise drawing straight lines. These can be both horizontal and vertical.
  2. Writing out days of the week correctly.
  3. 2, 5 and 10 times tables.
  4. Cutting out different shapes.
  5. Forming their numbers correctly. This can be made into a fun activity by tracing the number into sand or foam, for example.
  6. Exposure to real money. If you can, let your child identify each coin and different ways to make 50p.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us on our class email addresses if you have any concerns or questions at

If you need to speak to us directly about anything, then after school when you pick your child up is the best time. 

Thank you for your continued support. 

Miss Bennett and Mrs Golding

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